IPL 2021: Race for fourth playoff spot now realistically between KKR and MI – All possibilities in 5 points

A big win was needed to keep the playoff hopes alive and they did just that on Tuesday. Against Rajasthan – a huge wicket win, after the Royals were limited to only -90- to, helped MI rise to fifth place in the points table, just behind KKR in the NRR. MI 70 chases a small goal with the ball remaining.


PBKS and RR have 10 points each, with one game remaining, these two teams can make the best 12 in terms of points. Both MI and KKR can get 14 points each. KKR enjoys the best NRR among all these teams. The race for the fourth playoff spot has now effectively become one between KKR and MI.


KKR will play their last match vs RR on Thursday, while I will play their 14th league stage match on Friday SRH.


Here’s a quick look at the 5 points between the various playoff scenes as the situation unfolds after beating MI RR on Tuesday:

A) At the table, KKR is still ahead of the fourth-place contenders. If they beat MI in their last match against RR and SRH, KKR will occupy that slot exclusively. They may be in fourth place even if they do not defeat RR, if SRH defeats MI. In that case, how many teams they will tie with will depend on the outcome of the game between CSK and PBKS. If CSK wins, there will be a 12-point three-way tie between KKR, MI and RR. If PBKS wins, these 12 points will be equal to these three. The good news for KKR is that these four teams have the best net run rate so far and should qualify in any case. If MRI wins against SRH, KKR will have to win their last match to get points.

B) MI is now in fifth place with KKR, but lags far behind in NRR. Since the gap is so wide, the only real chance of them qualifying is to win the last match against SRH and expect KKR to lose to RR. If KKR can win that match, Mumbai can tie their best and it certainly won’t be enough.

C) The PBKS are in sixth place, but can expect a four-way tie to stay in fourth place with 12 points. This can only happen when MI loses SRH and KKR loses RR. But even in that case, its NRR is unlikely to be good for KKR and so it could be a screen for them.

D) Like PBKS, RR can now tie best for fourth place on a points basis. Again, this can only happen if they defeat KKR and SRH MI. Their NRR is currently worse than PBKS and MI, which means the tie is unlikely to be enough to qualify them.

E) Effectively, the race is now down to KKR and MI, with KKR clearly having the edge.

What were the playoff possibilities at the end of October 4.

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