IPL players to fly out of UK to UAE on charter flight on Saturday


The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) will take IPL players out of Manchester and arrange a charter flight to the United Arab Emirates on Saturday. The Indian team breathed a sigh of relief at the cancellation of the final Test in Manchester for fear of covid. But there was still an underlying concern in the camp on Friday. Players are now looking forward to joining their respective IPL franchises in the United Arab Emirates for the second round of the IPL, which starts on 19 September.

Cricket fans understand that players can already arrange for their expulsion from the UK as soon as possible in consultation with the franchises. Indian players would love to fall in love with a solid bubble as soon as possible.

After the Test match on 15 September, the Indian and English players were supposed to go around in a bubble.

“The players will go to the UAE today. The BCCI has entered into agreements with the franchisees and arranged charter flights. Some franchisees made some arrangements through commercial flights on Friday, ”a BCCI official told Cricketliker on Saturday morning.

The Indian players have been kept in isolation at a hotel in Manchester. No housework. They get food from room service. They have to stay in isolation until they leave.“Technically, there were no bubbles during the series. Players will have to stay in quarantine for six days after arriving in the UAE. Therefore, the sooner they leave Manchester the less time they will have to spend in isolation. The franchise will take better care of the players, ”a franchise official told CricketLiker.

The team members were about families and little kids traveling with them. No amount of assurances from the English board could dispel the apprehension. It’s been a strenuous 48 hours for the players. TOI has learned that the players could barely sleep on Thursday night and they were up till at least three in the morning in anticipation of what the two boards will decide.

“If a member of the operations team had tested positive, the team would not have been so reluctant to play. Almost all the players were in close contact with physio Yogesh Parmar. One must remember that Shastri, Arun, and Sridhar had a positive test four days later. The players decided among themselves that the chain of infection needed to be broken due to the boom in the IPL and T20 World Cup. The players feared that if they merged, there would be more cases every two to three days, ”said a BCCI source.

“These players have been in the bubble for a year now. No one wants the days of separation to come upon them. Even if you are fully vaccinated, you are still able to spread the infection. If parents become infected, it will be difficult to care for young children. The players are grateful to the BCCI for taking this position for them, ”the source claimed.

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